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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Sports Guy is now Soccer Guy.

The world of socer just got a new fan in Bill Simmons. I tend to think Simmons only knows five things: basketball, the celtics, comedy, the patriots and the Red Sox. Now that he has had soccer to his list I'm interested to see what his coverage will be like. Simmons has a new column over on where he picks the team he will support in the upcoming EPL season. I commend Simmons for not going with the obvious choices and instead opting to support Tottenham Hotspurs. Much like his decision to support the Clippres, this one will consign him to a life of sporting failure. Tottenham doesn't have the financial muscle to compete in the EPL but they will be a fun team to watch this season, especially if they get Damien Duff from Chelsea. Simmons has a lot to learn if he thinks Aaron Lennon is a Dwayne Wade type player. Lennon is good but he's not the type of player to win you championships, wingers rarely do. In any case, it's nice to see someone with a higher profile than myself writing about soccer on a consistent basis.

The latest rumor, which has been confirmed by ESPNSoccernet is that Fabio Cannavaro and Emerson will both be heading to Real Madrid to join their former Juventus Manager Fabio Capello. With Emerson at the Barnebau that makes 6 Brazilians in the squad with him joining Roberto Carlos, Julio Baptista, Robinho, Ronaldo and Cicinho. That's it and that's all. This is a bad down time for socer since all the Euro leagues are in limbo and the only thing to write about are rumours.


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